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My first News from Down Under

hey guys in good old germany!
what's up out there, are you missing me??? hope so... I mean I miss you a tiny bit, but I have to commit that life down under is really cool... having loads of fun here...
first of all i wannt to let you know that I arrived safely... so far I haven't found a job, but never mind I still have some savings and will survive
now I'm living in a hostel in melbourne...met people from all over the world, they are all very cool, friendly and open... with some of them I just went out with them last night.... a must be down here is drinking foster until you get smashed... so sorry for any misspelling- I still have a hang-over... I even cant remember the name of the club...liked to tell you more about it, but maybe next time`?!? Dont know how I got home...well...mum...dont listen!!
sorry...but I have to go to the toilet again...
Just uploaded a few pics from last day...u can have a look at them in the meantime..
hope, hearing from you soon...
14.11.08 11:13

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K. Mende (14.11.08 11:26)
He babe how are you doing? sounds like a lot of fun down thereI wish I could be with you, it's so boring here without you...Did you already try to surf and meet some cute guys at the beach? When will you travel north? you have to visit whiteheaven beach, it's supposed to be soooo beautiful! and please please load up some pictures of what you've already seen and your friends down there! miss you very very much, sending you lots of love! kiss kiss

Bianca Wasilewski (14.11.08 11:30)
Wow Wow Wow!! Great that you arrived safely!!
And good to read that you're having fun and meeting new fun ppl!! :-))

But listen! You have to be a bit careful! Don't get too wasted next time!!

Anyways have fun & post a few more pics too!!! XOXO

(14.11.08 11:33)
awww... I wanna go to Australia, too!! Tell me if you see any interesting theatre plays there and I'll go and visit you!!

x x x


Chantal (14.11.08 11:34)
That sounds awesome!!! Have you seen any Koalas yet??? If so please post pictures, they are so cute!!!
When you get home you can show us all your pictures of Australia, because it's sooooo special to go to Australia, I heard nobody ever goes there!!! Cause it's sooooo far away!

Chris B. (14.11.08 13:42)
Hey, here's Mom,
I'm glad to read that you've arrived safely. But why haven't you called me yet? You promised to let me know immediately if you are ok!
The pictures you've uploaded are awesome.
But what happened last night? Can't believe my eyes, son. Thought you've changed your drinking habits, but your stay at the rehab clinic obviously had no effect. All right, sluggard, make sure you'll find a job soon.
Take care

Lena J. (20.11.08 12:30)
Sweety!!! Iíve booked my flight!!! Wohooo!! Isnít that GREAT?? Not even a month and I will be in Australia! Iím so excited!
My daddy gave me one of these little guide books and Iíve already checked out the coolest places. We absolutely have to go to DFO! That centre is wicked! We can buy there clobber of the hottest brands! And the best is: everything is reduced up to 70%!!! SoÖ you gotta find a job so that we can go shopping!!!
BTW, the plane will arrive at 3 pm at Melbourne Airport. Do you pick me up there?!
Well luv, Iím already counting the daysÖ Take care and see you soon.
LYL :-*

ANNI (20.11.08 23:14)
wow, I looooooooove the pictures you`ve uploaded so far :-)

Ron (24.1.09 21:22)
That sounds awesome! I knew you would have a good start down there in Oz! This is so typical...first you're hitting the clubs, checking out the hot spots! That's the way to go man javascript:smilie('')
You get to know so many people there and I'm sure there are some boards with job offers in the hostel, so no worries mate! Well, you can always do some fruit picking somewhere, it's hard work but common, even I did it last year - and the money's good!
But for now enjoy sunny, surfy beachy days - gotta check out St.Kildas beach!!
Take care mate!

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